Rwanda Exploration Activities


Petroleum Exploration in Rwanda is still at early stages. The potential area for exploration is located in the western part of the country specifically under Lake Kivu. The total exploration area covers about 1,600km2.

Up to date, the following activities have been covered:

  • Magnetic and gravity survey
  • Genetic characterization of gases in Lake Kivu
  • Geochemical survey

As a way forward, Rwanda Mines, Petroleum and Gas Board is planning to engage a company to conduct a deep and detailed 2D seismic survey.

As part of the Western Branch of the African rift valley, Lake KIVU was formed in the course of the volcano chain. This lake contains an enormous quantity of dissolved gas: an estimated 300 billion m3 of carbon dioxide(C02) and 63 billion of methane gas (CH4).

The Government of Rwanda was further engaged in the development of modern gas production facility which is currently supplying 26MW to the national grid. This successful pilot project has attracted many other developers not only for power generation but also for liquid and gas fuel.

Feasibility studies, to confirm other uses of that methane gas, its transport and distribution, are underway.