DATES: 11th - 13th MAY 2019


 A Map showing Southern Circuit Excursion Route

The EAPCE’19 Post-Conference field expedition is a 3-days trip (Fig 1) from 11th to 13th May, 2019. The excursion will facilitate understanding of the Tanzania natural gas facilities, good scenery of Kilwa Historical Site and the geology of Southern Coastal Basins of Tanzania. Further, the participants will have an opportunity to view most of the sedimentary sections dated from Cretaceous to Neogene that form important part of stratigraphy of the coastal sedimentary basins of Tanzania. The Delegates will also view the well preserved Plant remains at Kitomanga Quarry and well exposed Geobreccia rocks and Ripple marks sedimentary structure at Ras Tipuli in Lindi Region.

Moreover, the delegates will have an opportunity to visit the Natural Gas Infrastructure at Kinyerezi (Dar es Salaam), Somanga Fungu Gas Receiving Station, Transportation and Maintenance Centre (Kilwa), Madimba Natural Gas Processing Plant and Mnazi Bay Gas field. Delegates will also have an opportunity to visit the Dangote Cement Factory – the largest Cement Factory in East Africa using Natural Gas to view the Natural Gas Connections from the main pipeline to Dangote Cement Industries (Mtwara).

Day 1

11th May  2019: DSM - Kilwa Masoko

Delegates will visit Kinyerezi Natural Gas Receiving and Distribution facilities and proceed to Kilwa Masoko (Fig. 2). On the way to Kilwa, delegates will have a chance to view the Somanga Fungu Natural gas facilities & the geology along Sinza – Nangurukuru road and spend a night at Kimbilio Lodge in Kilwa.

Kinyerezi Natural Gas receiving & distribution Plant

Day 2

12th May 2019: Kilwa Kisiwani - Mtwara

Delegates will proceed to Kilwa Kisiwani by boat to view the Kilwa ruins and historical sites of 11th - 19th Century. Delegates will view the Great Mosque, Makutani Palace, Portuguese Fort of 14th Century and Sultans Graveyards (Fig. 3) and finally proceed to Mtwara. On the way to Mtwara, delegates will have opportunity to view the interested geological outcrops along the Kilwa - Lindi road and spend a night at Luwa Evergreen Hotel in Mtwara.

The Portuguese Fort Historical Site (11 -14 Century)


Day 3

13th May 2019: Mtwara - Dangote Cement Industry

Delegates will proceed to Mnazi bay gas field where they will view the Mnazi bay Natural Gas Processing plant and wellheads. Participants also will view the Madimba Natural Gas Processing Plant, and finally they will visit the Dangote Cement Industries to view the natural gas connection station at BVS no. 1 and back to Luwa Evergreen Hotel in Mtwara


Day 4

14th May 2019: Mtwara - Dar es Salaam

Delegates will depart from Mtwara to Dar es Salaam and on the way they will observe several exposed geological outcrops (Fig. 5) along the Mtwara – Dar es Salaam highway.


Petrified plant remains at Kitomanga quarry



USD 1,000 per person
Includes meals, transport (car, boat and air flight from Mtwara to Dar es Salaam), accommodation and Historical Site entry fees.


For more information contact:

Adam Sajiro
Tanzania Petroleum Development Corporation
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Mob: +255 714 981 113


Eng. Antelimi Raphael,
Ag. Manager Gas Distribution,
Tanzania Petroleum Development Corporation
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Mob: +255 658 600 144